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Security Consultancy


Joe Connell, the owner of Praemunitus Ltd, is a Director of the Association of Security Consultants, and has been its Chairman since 2015.









Contact Praemunitus now for a 360 degree Threat & Risk Assessment tailored to your specific business.


The Praemunitus 360 degree Threat & Risk Assessment is an objective professional examination aimed at identifying the specific security threats that confront your business. It includes a targeted risk assessment and advice on necessary and proportionate countermeasures.


At Praemunitus, we evaluate threat in four contexts:


• People & policies


• Information & confidentiality


• Asset protection


• Resilience   



Risk Management


The Praemunitus approach to management of risk applies principles which are globally recognised as best practice. Praemunitus has extensive knowledge, experience and ability in managing and analysing intelligence, proactively using investigative techniques, actively monitoring risk and implementing proportionate response and protection measures against internal and external threats.











































Praemunitus is experienced in conducting investigations in both law enforcement and in the private sector. Although we are not currently conducting investigations in our own right we do train and advise in a broad range of evidential and intelligence investigative techniques. We assist to deliver lasting advanced investigative capabilites, mostly to build organisational and country capacity.

Security Consultancy, Risk Management and Investigations




We are grateful to Praemunitus for developing a comprehensive Personnel Screening policy for our client. Praemunitus provided the HR team with a clear policy together with practical tools and guidance putting them in full control and able to make cost-effective, risk-based and lawful decisions.     


Leema Risk Management




We were very satisfied with the ‘can do’ approach and the quality of personnel that Praemunitus is able to apply to the risk assessment and security tasks and would highly recommend their services.


Steelhenge, Organisational resilience experts.

contact us button Risk Management

- Analyses and translates current and projected threat data and applies it to the client’s specific situation to provide a bespoke assessment of threat.

- The client benefits from an awareness of how crime, terrorism or other safety and security threats affect their business or other concerns.

- Evaluates the client’s tangible assets and provides analysis of the direct impact on the client of the threats occurring.

- Analyses the client’s vulnerability to threats, both tangible (e.g. financial loss) and intangible (e.g. reputation, business continuity).

- Identifies potential exposure and aids assessment of the broader impact of threats.

- Analyses risk information and prioritises and assesses the probability, impact, expected value and timeframe of the various risks to the client.

- Planning is based not only on the assessments but also on the client’s attitude and preferences in relation to risks and is developed and implemented to manage the identified risks.

- The client benefits from the creation of policy and a framework for identifying, analysing, controlling and monitoring threats and risks to their business. Actions are agreed with the client to reduce, remove, transfer, retain or share specific risks as deemed appropriate.

Threat Assessment

Asset Evaluation

Vulnerability Assessment

Risk Assessment

Risk Action Plans

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