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Intelligence consultancy & training

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This was the best field study I have conducted in my academic career of nearly two decades. It proved to be an unmitigated success due to careful and detailed planning and flexible execution on everyone’s part. Remarkable!


Professor Nick Pratt, Colonel USMC (Retired) Director of Program on Terrorism & Security Studies, George C Marshall Center for European Security Studies




We really appreciate the contribution you have made, based on your experience, to the thinking around intelligence and analysis.


The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)




We are pleased to be working with Praemunitus and believe that they can bring added value to our customers.


i2 Group, Intelligence-led operations platforms

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Our Training Prospectus

Our 3-D approach


We recognise that there is no ‘one size fits all solution’ as the needs of every organisation and the environments in which they operate differ. Our 3-D approach to consultancy and training is geared to understanding these needs to achieve truly successful client outcomes.



First, we help our customers work out what they really need and what they really want. This isn't about over-selling – it's how we strive to build lasting relationships based on deep understanding and trust. Consultancy is tailored to client needs and training isn’t considered as an end in itself; but as a means to an end.



We are skilled at customising our knowledge base to meet a wide range of organisational requirements. Our experience, combined with the results of the Define process, will inform the development of a tailored product that meets your specific needs. We want you to be confident that we provide you with the means to achieve that desired end.



We are not just about imparting knowledge and skills – as important as that is. We also want to ensure true understanding, as it is only when people know why they are doing something that they can have a full grasp of what it's supposed to achieve. We will help your people use new knowledge and think creatively to deliver excellence and achieve tangible results.

What being 'Intelligence-led' means


Security, law enforcement, regulatory and other organisations globally, both public and private, have embraced Intelligence-led models as the contemporary business methodology for driving proactivity, especially where security and resilience factors feature in strategic and tactical decision making. Organisational benefits are derived from skilled analysis, assessment, management of risks and maximising intelligence to guide and prioritise activities and use resources efficiently.


Effective integration and the secure sharing of intelligence between organisations and, where appropriate, between sectors, are prime challenges for success against 21st century global crime and security threats. Creating an effective intelligence capability involves developing Knowledge, System, Source and People assets to drive successful strategy. Praemunitus can help develop these capabilities, enabling client organisations to achieve their mission.

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