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Praemunitus 360 degree Threat & Risk Assessment

At Praemunitus, we evaluate threat in the following four contexts:



People & Policies


You may well describe people as your most valuable asset and indeed they may well be. However, the wrong people are also your greatest threat whether they happen to be employees, contractors, partners or customers. We can help endorse your good judgement while identifying if any hidden threats exist. This helps you protect your business and your good people from potential harm.


Departmental policies often conflict (e.g. between HR and Security) and official guidance often appears contradictory. We help to create effective personnel security, screening and know your customer (KYC) policies and assist put them into practice to ensure you protect and get the best from your good people and keep out the bad.


Keeping your people safe from threats is not only a 'Duty of Care' requirement, but also good business practice. This is particularly relevant when personnel are required to travel to diverse and possibly high-risk parts of the world. Understanding the nature of specific threats, managing the risks, and providing the appropriate levels of support and safety to staff is essential.      



Information & Confidentiality


We live in an information age where personal and business information is of immense value not only to your business but also to your competitors, to those who wish to do you harm and to those opportunists who simply exploit your weaknesses.


Information is the key to legal compliance and maintaining the confidence of your clients, your personnel and the public in general.


Information loss can cause immeasurable damage both to your tangible and intangible assets including, perhaps most importantly, your reputation.


Information and information systems feature as both weapons and targets in cases such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, Data Theft, Online Fraud etc.


Information threats come from both high-tech and low-tech sources. We help identify those threats and develop both high-tech and low-tech responses geared to your specific needs.


Importantly, cyber attacks must be considered as high-speed crimes in action i.e the crime is still occurring at the  time of detection. Consequently, the responses must be well informed and dynamic.



Asset Protection


It’s a sad reality that your physical assets whether static, in transit or on deposit, require constant protection from those who would willingly relieve you of them.


We can provide expert assessment of where your assets are most at risk and of the most proportionate and necessary measures to protect them.





The key priority for your organisation is to conduct its business effectively, without unecessary disturbance. The 'Resilience Test' is about assessing how robust organisational procedures are for managing untoward incidents when they occur, whilst permitting ongoing 'business as normal'.


In many cases safety and security are the enablers for business e.g. where acceptable risks need to be taken and appropriately managed to secure and deliver against business objectives. A resilent approach that predicts and meets the threats, and can also react to the unexpected when threats occur, is a key to business success.  









Contact us for more information on a Praemunitus 360 degree Threat & Risk Assessment for your business.

Praemunitus Ltd is an extremely professional company with high moral and business ethics. Their word is their bond. Their integrity is without question. I would have no hesitation in employing them again nor in recommending them to a third party.


Fred Newton - Solway Consultancy Services

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