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What we do


We provide the following professional services to private and public sectors in the UK and overseas:






 the public sector


We are experienced in providing consultancy and intelligence training expertise to a range of public services and contributing to programmes and projects in the UK and overseas, assisting them to achieve their aims and objectives and to deliver excellence.


We firmly believe that one size does not fit all and that solutions must be localised taking into account culture, social, technical and economic factors. The same applies to our specialists, each of whom excels in their own professional sphere, bringing vision and understanding to develop solutions geared specifically to the needs of the recipient organisation.  



.... and in the private sector


We assist businesses of all sizes and individuals to identify the real security threats they face across their business and domestic environments and help develop and implement the most appropriate and proportionate measures to manage risks and realise benefits.


Visit our Security Consultancy, Risk Management & Investigations page to see how we can assist your organisation to understand and meet the actual threats and risks it faces including our 360 Degree Threat & Risk Assessment.




We are proud to be members of:











2014 ASC Imbert Prize Security Consultancy Winner

2015 Corporate Vision's ‘Best UK Intelligence & Security Risk Consultants’

Praemunitus Ltd, Intelligence & Risk Consultants


Praemunitus Ltd is a private limited company registered in England: Registered No 6785210

Registered office: 6th Floor International House, 223 Regent Street, London, W1B 2QD

VAT No 945 9112 08


January 2018

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In January 2017 Praemunitus Director Joe Connell took up a role as Senior Adviser to the International Institute for Justice and The Rule of Law based in Malta.














































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March 2017 Praemunitus Police Capacity Building Building team -Somaliland is pleased to have participated in the UK's Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs) and were judged as winners in the both the 'Security Consultancy' and 'Investigator' categories.

This award recognises the significant efforts of a multi-skilled team working on behalf of the UK Government over four years, successfully completing training and development in Somaliland with over 300 police and related Criminal Justice professionals trained, 7 specialist facilities built or refurbished throughout the country, and new operational capabilities developed and embedded in relation to terrorism, crime, sexual violence, leadership and community engagement.

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